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13. April 2014

Septic shock: Complicated level of organ dysfunction that leads to a severe multiple organ failure

Immune system

Sepsis or septic shock is a systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) secondary to a documented infection in the body. Fatal septic shocks are developed due to a weakened immune system that affects the way it responds to bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other external organisms. It causes many other multiple organ dysfunction syndromes.

It is important to identify any potential source of…

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24. March 2014

Inside Cancer: Overview

It is of a big interest to know what cancer is and the way it affects the body. What is it? Cancer is a disease that affects people of all nationalities and age groups. There are many different types of cancer, which affect different parts of the body. A cancer, also known as a tumor can manifest itself in any organ tissue of the human body. Solid tumors form lumps, while…

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13. December 2013




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Properties of Enzymes and Competitive Inhibitors.Properties of Enzymes and Competitive Inhibitors.
Properties of enzymes were found…View Post
Inside Cancer: OverviewInside Cancer: Overview
It is of a big interest to know what cancer is and the way it affects the…View Post

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